Experiencing Oxford

by Ian Davis


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    Published by Aveton Press

    “Experiencing Oxford is without doubt the most stimulating book about the city and its university that I have come acoss.”

    What distinguishes this book from the many excellent Oxford guides is its focus on how the city can be experienced and perceived through ‘body, mind and spirit’, using our sense, memories, emotions and spirits.

    The book is lavishly illustrated with over a hundred of the author’s own drawings and watercolours as well as his photographs of Oxford’s buildings and landscapes. Chapters cover individual buildings, the wonders of Radcliffe Square, Oxford’s High Street, varied open spaces and waterways. To encourage active exploration, twelve ‘sensory walks and climbs’ are included.

    The book is written for any reader – whether visitor, student, professional or resident, who has appreciated and experienced the riches of Oxford and would like to expand that encounter.

    Prints of Ian Davis’ Oxford watercolours are available to order for collection from Daunt Books Summertown.

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