My Own Worst Enemy

by Lily Lindon


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    Emmy is her own worst enemy. So why does she fancy someone who looks like her? Overthinker and recent drama school graduate Emmy Clooney (no relation) will do anything to be successful, despite the lack of roles for queer actors. But in the audition room for what should be her big break, Emmy collides with rising star, Mae Jones. Mae is the same casting type as Emmy (‘Short-haired Lesbian’), so they’ll always be fighting for the same parts. Unfortunately, Mae is also very talented, very charismatic, and very hot… She’s Emmy’s type in every way.

    When their opposite personalities clash, Emmy and Mae begin a fierce competition to be the best gay in showbiz. But if they’re cast in the same play, will they find a way to act nicely – or take their rivalry to the next stage?

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