Sea Bean

by Sally Huband


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    Sea Bean is out now in hardback and published in paperback on 4th April.

    When a seed falls from a vine in the tropics and is carried by ocean currents to the shores of Western Europe, it is known as a sea bean. Sea beans are considered lucky, and have been used as magical charms for more than a thousand years. Sally’s search for a sea bean begins not long after she moves to Shetland and is forced by chronic illness to slow down.

    On the storm-tossed beaches of the Shetland Archipelago, Sally Huband is searching. A message in a bottle, a mermaid’s purse, a lobster trap tag, each find connects her more deeply with our oceans. But it is Sally’s quest for a fabled sea bean that unlocks the myths of these islands and carries her through chronic illness towards a new and more resilient self.

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