The Hypocrite

by Jo Hamya


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    Brilliant. Thrilling and unpredictable…a story of misunderstanding and failed connection, told with a dreamy, Sofia Coppola-esque quality
    Natasha Brown, author of Assembly

    Elegantly plotted and wickedly funny…A perfect and perfectly merciless novel
    Sarah Bernstein, author of Study for Obedience

    What happens when we stop idolising the generations above us? Stop idolising our own parents? What happens when we become frightened of the generations below us? Frightened of our own children?

    The Aeolian islands, 2010. Sophia, on the cusp of adulthood, spends a long hot summer with her father in Sicily. There she falls in love for the first time. There she works as her father’s amanuensis, typing the novel he dictates, a story about sex and gender divides. There, their relationship fractures.
    London, Summer 2020. Sophia’s father, a 61-year-old novelist who does not feel himself to be a bad or outdated person sits in a large theatre, surrounded by strangers, watching his daughter’s first play. A play that takes that Sicilian holiday is its subject. A play that will force him to watch his purported crimes play out in front of him.

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