War & Peace & War

by Andrew North


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    This book is published on 4th July and can be pre-ordered now.

    In early 2022, veteran journalist Andrew North was kidnapped by the Taliban. By the time he found himself imprisoned in a jail cell, he had been reporting from Afghanistan for two decades, coming to know hundreds of Afghans along the way. This book brings together both his and their stories.

    Farzana was banned from attending school as a child, but education would take her further than she could have imagined. Bilal’s dream of becoming a journalist came true, but at a cost. While Abdul’s ambition to become a doctor was thwarted, Jahan’s prospects transformed radically for the better. And in a quiet province, the life of a boy called Naqibullah was shattered. Witness to both the country’s transformation and the mistakes that eventually led to its collapse, in War & Peace & War North vividly evokes a country where foreign powers and internal forces have been on a collision course for over two centuries.

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